Welcome to the New Church of Southwest Florida
Our Mission

We respond to central Christian message contained in the Gospels; the call to service - to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the afflicted, and nurture children.  We are committed to serve each other and our community to love others the same way our Lord Jesus Christ you loves us. 

The New Church of Southwest Florida is an out­reach ministry, where everyone is invited to participate in service that makes a difference in our community.  We honor all faith traditions and spiritual paths. We gather to share, pray, study, worship, celebrate and serve one another. In short, our mission is to bring together action and contemplation, prayer and service, worship and uses in our daily activities. In short, we are about following the way of Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry.

We gather to share, pray, study, worship, celebrate and serve one another.  We choose to embrace freedom of conscience to seek our highest potential; to open ourselves to become heaven on earth. We provide a safe place for sharing sadness and joys. We receive blessings from our Creator and from each other.  Our ministry’s focus demands “We walk amongst the people.”  Therefore, much of our ministry takes place in the back alleys and establishments where the poor, the needy, and the forgotten are. 

One example is our Kids’ VIP Program. Children get into trouble when they have nothing to do; when they do poorly in school; when there is no adult supervision; when they are home alone after school; when they have few positive adult models.  By working with the Lee County Juvenile Justice Council, a new approach to reach kids was founded: The Kids’ VIP Programs.  The keystone is a busy after school pro­gram here on Ft. Myers Beach.

Another example is our emergency food pantry which provides for local families in need, the homeless, and those needing a little help with their food budgets.  We also provide food bas­kets and toys at the holidays.

You are invited to become part of this new vision for a church.  We have volunteer opportunities in all ministries. Your commitment will make a difference in your spiritual well-being and people here in the greater Fort Myers Beach area. Did not the Lord Jesus Christ call us to minister to one another? Call us today.

The New Church of Southwest Florida

10811 Sunset Plaza Circle #401, Fort Myers FL 33908

239.481.5535 email: newchurchflorida@gmail.com

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